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Needham DBS Provides Education


The company culture at Needham DBS places a heavy emphasis on higher education, continuing education and career advancement opportunities.

Founder, Jeff Needham, earned a MSCE from University of Kansas in 1980 while working full time. With an appreciation for hard work and an eagerness to learn throughout his career, Needham began offering tuition reimbursement to his employees and encouraged all engineers to take at least core subjects in the master’s level engineering curriculum.

Needham DBS offers tuition reimbursement as part of the benefits package to assist employees in their education goals. The lineup of degrees earned while employed at Needham DBS is impressive. Six employees have earned advanced degrees from University of Kansas using the tuition reimbursement program.

Licensed structural engineers are required to get continuing education units (typically 15 hours per year) to maintain their licenses. Needham DBS covers the costs of all continuing education by providing onsite opportunities such as lunch and learn webinars as well as offsite opportunities through local and national organizations such as SEAKM, SEAI, ASCE, AISC, ACI, TCA, CPG and PCI.

Needham DBS has invested tens of thousands of dollars to enhance the knowledgebase of the personnel. Two-thirds of the structural engineering staff hold a Master’s degree. Needham DBS, in turn, provides higher education to clients!

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