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Fort Wayne

Steel Joists and Deck

Steel Joist and Deck by Structural Engineering Firm

Needham DBS has designed, detailed, and specified Steel Joist Institute (SJI) products and Steel Deck Institute (SDI) products since the founding of the firm. This long term relationship with major suppliers has allowed the firm to become an expert in developing proprietary SJI and SDI solutions. These products are key elements of many building systems and are combined with other Needham DBS products to create a truly efficient and safe building system.

Products include:

  • Steel Roof Joists and Deck StructureShort span steel roof and floor joists
  • Long span roof joists
  • Custom super-long span roof trusses
  • Composite floor joists
  • Form deck
  • Wide rib roof deck
  • Long span roof and floor deck
  • Composite floor deck
  • Multiple deck fastening choices

Needham DBS engineers receive all products as they arrive on site ensuring trouble free erection and construction. Needham DBS staff will also act as the special inspector on deck installation if requested.