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Fort Wayne

Concrete Products

Tilt Up Concrete EngineeringNeedham DBS supplies various concrete products based on our own proprietary designs or sub-contractor supplied data. The approach is very similar to our structural steel work using a CD2 process, but the deliverables are quite different since much of the work must be done by the contractor at the site. In all cases Needham DBS is providing unique design solutions to complex projects to help the design-build contractor secure the project.

Concrete Engineering Services

  • Concrete Design Build Services

    Site cast, tilt-up wall panel designs and panel layout book drawings
  • Precast wall panel designs and shop drawings
  • Wall panel lifting and bracing design
  • Energy code compliant composite wall panel designs
  • Form work design
  • Custom bracing coordination
  • 3D BIM Modeling

Concrete Products Supplied

  • Precast concrete wall panels
  • Concrete highway barriers
  • Composite wall panel connectors by IconXTM
  • Custom steel embedments and connectors
  • Anchor bolts
  • Wall panel connections by ConnectEZTM
  • Custom wall panel braces
  • Steel spreader bars