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Mock-Ups: Worth Their Weight In Gold


What could make a 72'-6" panel more complicated?  The introduction of a new product.  The iconX composite connectors for insulated panels brought a lot of questions from the tilt-up subcontractor and the general contractor. The project is complex and the panels are very large.  Therefore, the decision to build a mock-up panel was worth its weight in gold.

Prior to the pour, the contractor got hands-on with the iconX composite connector and insulation to develop a marking and handling system to make the project run smoothly. The contractor then studied the sequencing of embeds, welded wire reinforcing mats, miscellaneous rebar placement, iconX connector and insulation installation, concrete placement and finishing and lifting/bracing hardware placement.  

The panels for this project are large enough to require a more complicated rigging arrangement.  Adding to the complications, the steel structure will be in place at the time the panels are erected making a midair transfer to edge lift inserts a requirement. The full-size mock-up panel was lifted to establish the proper rigging for erection and make any adjustments needed for the project on site.

The mock-up was a success. “The panel is amazingly stiff, there was no visible deflection during lift.”  Stay tuned for more details about the project.

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