Fort Wayne


Leadership Prep School

Frisco, Texas

A value added design proposal was submitted to convert from a wood structure to a non-combustible, more robust, steel and concrete structure. A complete redesign of the structure, using the CD2, concurrent design and detailing process, allowed the steel to be released for fabrication just 12 weeks from award of contract. The project moved swiftly and the school was able to open in a matter of months.

The project is a two-story private school. The building has a gross footprint area of approximately 72,000 square foot for the classrooms and an adjoining PEMB gymnasium. The exterior walls are metal stud framing with cladding over structural steel framing. The roof structure consisted of girders and joists. A ribbed metal roof deck was used to support the roof insulation and membrane and provides a continuous diaphragm to transfer lateral forces to the braced frames. The floor system selected were a wide flange beams and girders to achieve the design goal with limited vibration, deflections and sound resonance.


Concrete Design
Steel Design
Steel Detailing
Steel Delivered


August 2017


Crossland Construction
Prosper, TX


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